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Customs & Regulatory Updates

Safety & security amendment to the European customs code

New European Union (EU) requirements for inbound ocean cargo – the European 24 Hour Advanced Manifest Rule - will come into effect on December 31, 2010. All shippers and exporters, whose goods arrive in the European Union for importation or transshipment or simply to stay on board the vessel en route to another destination, will be affected.

Similar to the U.S. 10+2 supply chain security initiative, the new Import Control System (ICS) aims to communicate critical shipment data to Customs before the shipment reaches the EU, and thereby enable their ability to assess any risks it may pose.

The new legislation requires electronic filing by the carrier - importers and exporters must provide accurate information on a timely basis to their carriers - before arrival of the cargo in the EU. The time limit is directly related to the mode of transport.

The documentation of containerized cargo shipments arriving in European ports is to be electronically filed with European customs authorities no later than 24 hours before vessel loading. For not containerized cargo at least 4 hours before arrival at the first point of entry in the EU. In short sea traffic no later than 2 hours before arrival at the first point of entry in the EU.

The new regulations also effect maritime shipments within the EU (e.g. shipment from Antwerp to Limassol)

Additional useful information can be found on : European Customs Information Portal


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