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Customs & Regulatory Updates

Sierra Leone Advance Cargo Declaration
15 February 2015

Sierra leone ports authority : Notice to all carriers and maritime agents

The implementation of an Advance Cargo Declaration scheme, CTN/ACD, in Sierra Leone is a component of the requirements for Governments, Port Authorities and Shipping Companies compliance on ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) in 2002.

On the 2nd December, 2014, the sierra Leone Parliament at its sitting, tabled "The cargo Tracking Note(Advance Cargo Declaration management) in the Sierra Leone Ports" in compliance with section 20 (4) of the NCP Act 2002.

Source: Sierra Leone Ports Authority


As per notification from Transport and Ports Management Systems (TPMS) charges will be applied based on below time frame:
- Imports: all vessels loading from 1st April 2015 from the various origins.
- Exports: all vessels loading in Freetown from 15th March 2015.

The following procedure and charges will therefore be put in place:

  1. Customers will need to register at www.acd-sl.com, provide cargo details and obtain Entry Summary Number (ENS) for IMP and Exit Summary Number (EXS) for EXP.
  2. ENS/EXS number has to be provided to the Shipping Line at the booking stage so that it is included on the B/L as well as the Cargo Manifest.
  3. Shipments without ENS/EXS numbers will not be allowed by Shipping Lines
  4. The Shipping Lines will declare the advance cargo manifest 24hrs before departure from the last transhipment port in case of Imports and 24hrs before departure for Exports.
  5. Advance Cargo Manifest will be checked by TPMS in conjunction with SL Ports Authority (SLPA) for compliance with the ISPS code.
  6. This service will be subject to below charges as stipulated BY TPMS. They will be collected in addition to the freight from the freight payer.


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