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Welcome to the website of The Elite companies and Global Network.

As a Global Logistics Provider, our core businesses involves providing key supply chain services to our customers such as;

Supply Chain Solutions
Global Freight Management
Transportation Management
Warehouse & Inventory Management
Technological Solutions

Know more on how Elite can assist and optimize your current supply chain with our total supply chain services.

Elite's Corporate History

With its beginnings in 1985, Elite has transformed from being a freight forwarder ever evolving from yesterday’s methods to becoming a Global Logistics Provider, providing better logistics solutions to meet the supply chain needs of today. Elite being one of the first global logistics providers offer, via the Internet, track and trace, electronic documents, global warehousing and data mining.

Elite offers an array of services focusing in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. We pride ourselves as the specialist in handling and providing chemical logistics solution. This is due to our vast experience in this field of chemical logistics for the past 20 years.

In 2004, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) awarded Elite its prestigious E-Business Industry Development Initiatives (EBIDS) designation for Elite’s advanced Global Logistics Management System.

Elite's Corporate Vision & Mission

Elite stands at the leading edge of the logistics process outsourcing and freight management industry, a position gained through a combination of dynamic technology tools, close involvement with clients and uncompromising dedication to serve our customers. Our aim is to go further into the supply chain management for our clients to provide total logistics solutions and services as far as possible.


Elite's Corporate Membership


The summary of Elite's membership are as follows: